April 9

First Assignment:

You just started a new job at the hip new ad firm Hagen-Jenkins in the city. You are eager to impress them with your innovative designs. Your first assignment is to design the packaging for a fiber rich cereal, “Great Grains”. The package must contain 600 cu centimeters of cereal. The client is looking for something new and unique in the design. Chip, your new boss, thinks you’re up for the task. Holding his Hagen-Jenkins coffee cup in hand, he says, “Have the specs to me by Friday.” You think “specs”…what are those? What do you think Chip meant by “specs?”  Every student in class must post a response with one unique idea by Thursday, April 15th before 5th period.

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Laura Jenkins is a wife, mother, and math teacher for a high school in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. This blog may contain her deep insights or shallow thoughts--which are often indistinguishable. It may, however, pose interesting questions for, you, a reader who stumbled upon this blog. Either way...you are welcome.

23 thoughts on “First Assignment:

  1. sammyg13

    I think that “specs” means your outline. An outline or sketch [or more] that shows the possible design that will be able to contain the 600 cu centimeters of cereal.

    Yeahh… idk.

  2. jhanetho

    i think specs means how much of the “Great Grains” is going to be in the box. It could also mean any info concerning the assignment he was given.

    and it seriously took me about an hour to get to this thing!!

  3. angel125

    i think specs means the box shape and how big or small the box is and if the box is a rectangle or parallelogram.

  4. bobby17

    I think specs means information about a certain project or sumthing.

    Oh nd hi jake haha wats up

  5. ttbug227

    I believe that the boss means that ‘specs’ are like the detailed layout of the cereal box created in ways such as an outline, blueprint, plan, or design for the cereal box.

    By the way, this is Taylor Jacobs…I already had this blog for a different class.

  6. taral777

    I think the “specs” are the ideas. Like the blueprints when you build a house. These are the plans that you have for the box.

    & Mrs. Jenkins…its obvious that angel125 is Angelica…

  7. urbs

    “specs” has a very general meaning in this situation. I think chip is most likely talking about drawn-out plans or a scaled model for the cereal box.


  8. ljenkinsdistrict158org (Post author)

    There are quite a few repetitions. Your ideas must be original!

  9. eddiev

    Ok this is Eddie Villavicencio.
    I think that “specs” means a well thought out design. I think “specs” just is short for specific. I think Chip wants the design to have specific dimensions and a specific design.

  10. Taylor Hamblin

    i think “specs” mean examples on how the box is going to look or it means specific designs that are going to be on this box. i honestly have no clue what else this could mean…lol (:

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