April 20

Caught Daydreaming

You start to think about the dimensions.  What shape will you use?  After all, they are looking for something “fresh.”  What other factors might the client and Chip think are important?   You start daydreaming that the clients just loved you…you’re a genius!  In your dream, Chip instantly gives you a promotion while carrying your around on his shoulders!  The rest of the office begins chanting your name. 

 Lily interrupts and pops her head in and says, “Almost time for lunch, do you want to come and get a bagel?”  You think, “Yeah!  Why not a bagel shape?”  This reminds you that you need a container for cereal before you win employee of the month.  What creative options might you consider?

List ONE UNIQUE option!  This post is due Friday 4/23 for 5 points!

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Laura Jenkins is a wife, mother, and math teacher for a high school in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. This blog may contain her deep insights or shallow thoughts--which are often indistinguishable. It may, however, pose interesting questions for, you, a reader who stumbled upon this blog. Either way...you are welcome.

20 thoughts on “Caught Daydreaming

  1. sammyg13

    Here is my post for the last assignment. I went to post it, but comments were closed. —

    First I would find the dimensions of the box and then the area to determine how much material is able to fit in the cereal box. Then I would design a few sketches and come up with the final decision at the end.

    And as for this post.. I’d create a 4 sided polygon. A weird shape that no one would expect for a cereal box.

  2. urbs

    Chip and my client will want a box that is eye catching to the consumer. They also want something that cheap and easy to manufacture. The shape of the box should hold relevance to the product I am trying to sell. A bagel shaped cereal box would be great if I was selling bagel-o’s. It would get the attention of everyone who passed by it.


  3. Abby

    i would make the shap that is relevent to what im selling. or a fun shape that no one has ever mad before like a pentagon

  4. taral777

    I think Brendon should get an A+ because bagel-o’s is very creative and as a consumer, would catch my eye. But having a round box would be difficult because they would just roll off the shelves. Maybe adding ends or edges to this “bagel” idea. Maybe an hexagon shape?

  5. megs16

    I would stick with the normal retangulare shaped ceral box, but add a gloss to it, a shine. I believe by having a “normal” ceral shaped box the customer would feel more comfertable about the ceral. Theres no reason to object a possibily of letters, or images having a slight rise out from the box, so when you touch it you feel a texture, a size that will fit comfertably in your hand, but provide with alot of food. Kids would no doubt be attracted to fun, cool shaped boxes, but on the negative, it could lead the parents to beleive it is to “fun” to have nutrition, or the box is an overplay to how good the ceral is, and could be scam, or rip off. All posibilites have to be considred!

  6. cody127

    I gonna have to say I like the idea of a bagel shape except I would create something easier to make like a hexagonal- bagel shaped box that would grab the consumers attention.

  7. bobby17

    I dnt think the idea if a bagel shaped cereal is very creative because there is already cheerios and if you want your cereal to be creative then you should think of a different shape. As for the shape of the box i would make a unique design to catch the consumers attention.

  8. ljenkinsdistrict158org (Post author)

    Sure, Bobby, you want to catch people’s attention but how will YOU do it?

  9. mandako

    i think the shape should be a circular box because it is different from the normal rectangle shape

  10. Taylor Hamblin

    hmmmm, i would probably make then “bagel” shaped cereal box big but square so it can still stand up like a cereal box ! i would make it colorful & not too big so it still catches people attention.

  11. jsengchanh

    I would make the shape of the box the shape of the cereal. It would be made out of plastic so its easier to stand and itll be more durable.

  12. eddiev

    I would make the box the shape of a star. A star would be attractive to all kinds of people and it would be different. The box should have a unique catch phrase and it should have a unique set of colors to go along with the cool shape of the box.
    Who wouldn’t try the cereal if the box is in the shape of a star?

  13. jennyzzz

    i think making a circular box would take too much work like measuring it and it would have to be a perfect cirlce or else it would look weird. also you would need circular bags to hold the cereal inside so you would also have to figure out all of the numbers for the measurements. i think a straight edged box like a hexagon or a octagon would be easier.

  14. angel125

    I would make the box stand out with bright colors like lime green. I would also make a unique shape for the box that only our company would have. I would make it out of recycled paper/card board because a lot of people are looking for eco friendly items these days, but also make sure that it doesn’t cost a lot to make the box.

  15. miguelv1

    I would first make the box in different designs and then get feed back from people who liked the best one.

  16. ttbug227

    I believe that the container for the cereal would catch the consumers eye if it was in the shape of the cereal itself. In addition, I think it would be unique if the material used to make the container was somewhat see through so that the consumer could actually see what food it is that they are buying. Also, I think it would be a good idea for the container to be resealable so that the consumer isn;t left with stail cereal after just one serving.

    ~Taylor Jacobs~

  17. benasj

    I think the cereal box should be shaped like a cylinder just to step away from the original rectangle shape of all cereal boxes.

  18. kbarden

    i know im super late mrs jenkins..but i would make my cereal box like a bagel but with a flat bottom so it can be easier to stand up and well store more cereal!

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