May 3

Chip Stops By

You and Lily were chatting over last week’s episode of LOST when Lily gives you the eye that lets you know someone is behind you.  It’s Chip.  He is smiling like he just caught you up to no good.  With Hagen-Jenkins mug in hand he asks, “So, how are things coming along?”  He wants to know exactly where you are with the Great Grains gig.  You respond…

EACH member of your group should respond to this prompt.  Have you come up with an ad campaign?  Does the design reflect that?  Is it practical?  Use this week to answer some of these questions and post them ON Friday.

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Laura Jenkins is a wife, mother, and math teacher for a high school in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. This blog may contain her deep insights or shallow thoughts--which are often indistinguishable. It may, however, pose interesting questions for, you, a reader who stumbled upon this blog. Either are welcome.

16 thoughts on “Chip Stops By

  1. bobby17

    Our cereal is going to be called hexo’s. Its guna be in a hexigonal prism shaped box. The slogan is “hexo’s are the besto’s!” we’ll work on it haha

  2. ttbug227

    My group consists of myself (Taylor J.), Cody C., Angelica R., and Erik T.

    My specific assignment was to come up with the slogan. The slogan goes as follows:

    “Climbing the pyramid to a healthy lifestyle one bowl at a time.”

  3. angel125

    My group (taylor j., cody, and eric) had thought of the idea to put our cereal in a health foods store becuase our cereal is healthy. Our target audience is the people that are looking for an alternative cereal that is healthy compared to the other cereals with tons of sugar.

  4. megs16

    our ceral box (Megan, Taylor, Miguel, Dan, Brendon) have and idea for our ceral box where the packaging is in plastic wrap, but inside the wrap are two right triangles, which are put together to make a rectangle. Each triangle will have a differnt flavor, and the ceral its self is triangles. still working on a slogan though (:

  5. eddiev

    The people in my group are Todd, Tara, and Jessica.
    I had to advertise Great Grains.
    I am going to advertise it on the television and internet because a lot of people will watch television and go on the internet.
    I will promote how health it is to attract consumers because a lot of people care about how healthy it is.

  6. jennyzzz

    im in a group with bobby, jake, and kenzie, and since our cereal is called hexos, we were thinking about make the cereal into like hexagons.

  7. kbarden

    the shape of our cereal box is going to be a hexigonal prism..(like bobby said)
    my group is bobby jake and jenny!

  8. cody127

    my group: Taylor J., (Cody C.), Angelica R., and Erik T.

    My assignment was to explain what the specific shape was of our box. what we are simply going for is a pyramid with a square base and it will have a flap at the top for the cereal to come out of.

  9. taral777

    The shape of our box is a square base prism and the top will be the part that flips open, so there are no spills like you have with the rectangle box.

  10. jsengchanh

    My group is going to not just have a boring great grains cereal but were going to have different flavors such as chocolate. The design of the box is going to have bright colors to make it stand out and itll have the picture of the all the different shapes and flavors of Great Grains

  11. toddm

    i was in charge of coming up with a slogan for “Great Grains”. I came up with… Every great day begins with Great Grains.

  12. Abby

    our cerial is going to be different shapes and theres going to be three differnet shaped marshmallows with different colors and then our cerial is going to be whole grain

  13. miguelv1

    Inside our cereal box is wrapping that makes two right triangles, which are put together to make a rectangle. Each side has its own flavor.

  14. urbs

    Judging by what Abby wrote, our cereal sounds a lot like Lucky Charms. However, our cereal involves different shapes. I think a good target audience for our cereal would be small children. They could begin to learn their shapes at the same time they begin eating actual food.

  15. Taylor Hamblin

    this is late & im sorry for that. my computer service was shut down & i wasn’t at school yesterday to do it during school. but for our idea for our cereal is that we are planning on having a box that is cut into two right triangular boxes. if that makes sense. one triangle will have one triangle flavored cereal & the opposite for the other. we do not have a name of anything yet but it will be packaged separate & hopefully people buy it.

  16. benasj

    since i came in late, i guess my group changed the shape, right now its a house, so the roof would be a separate box it would contain the sprinkles or whatever, the actual house would be the cereal and it pours through the chimney. so yes its practical.

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