May 12

Putting on the finishing touches

You really want to dazzle the clients.  After all, think of all the time you’ve devoted to this design.  You take a sip of your coffee.  Lily reminds you its time for lunch.  You’ll think about this over lunch and dive in to your presentation this afternoon.  You start to think, “What am I good at?  How could I use it to put this presentation over the top?” 

How will YOU put this over the top?  Share one idea you can use to improve your presentation.  You idea must be UNIQUE  from your classmates and group members.  This post is due Thursday, May 13!

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18 thoughts on “Putting on the finishing touches

  1. ttbug227

    I think it is very important to make the presentation over the top, exciting, and unique! In order to do so, I think that I need to put A LOT of enthusiasm into presenting our product to customers/classmates. To get the customers more involved in the presentation I would ask the customers what they want in a cereal product…once they do so I would tell than all of the positive things about hte cereal that they listed and include more if there are any. Also, to make the presentation more fun I would have them do a taste test of the product and see their reaction to it…take a survey maybe?!

    ~Taylor Jacobs~

  2. angel125

    I would make a poster or a trifold and have a bunch of information avaiable for Mr. Chip and his associates that are determining the future of the cereal box. I would include graphs about the price of the box/ labor costs and supply cost, compare our cereal box to the our competitors boxes the pros and some cons of the box, because it can’t be all perfect.

  3. bobby17

    I would just try to keep it simple and fun. Sometimes you dont have to try so hard to make things unique and over the top. So i would try to make the presentation fun for everyone.

  4. taral777

    I think in order to get these sold and to get the presentation wowed… you need fun. Boring meetings about a new product arent really fun. but if you make it silly, people would have a good time.

  5. miguelv1

    i would try to make it fun, and make the cereal stand out and say i would eat that. at the end of the presentation you would want to make a profit.

  6. megs16

    i think i could really help with the design becuase i love to be creative. Im in a graphic design class, and that teaches you how to create appealingitmes to the customer. So, I think i could really provide some good ideas, andhelp come up with a really cool design !! It will also be a great oppurtunity to put my skills to the test !! and see if we can create a succesful product ! (:

  7. Abby

    give a cool slogo that the people will remember. maybe let them taste the cereal and show them our cool design. we can also have like a “game show” tipe of thing like ask them questions and give out prizes

  8. jsengchanh

    I would give out some cereal if it were a real meeting. I would have an interesting attention getter that will bring in our target audience of different ages like the benefits this cereal can bring to them. The presentation will be fun and enjoyable so that the class does not fall asleep and think our cereal is boring. Our presentation is also going to have a powerpoint with a lot of pictures and blue prints

  9. urbs

    If I really wanted to impress my clients, I would show them how much money they could make based on a cereal tasting survey. Considering that my cereal tastes good, I could estimate the net worth of my cereal on a nation wide scale.


  10. eddiev

    In order to dazzle clients I would compare the “other” cereal to my cereal to try to prove to them that my cereal would be a better choice.

  11. sammyg13

    To make the presentation exciting and interesting to listen to, I must put enthusiasm into the presentation and have effects, sounds, photos and possibly short video clips of promotions and commercials. I would also point out the pros of my product that overpowers the other cereal clients.

  12. sammyg13

    Woo! Haha. I didn’t even think of blogging from my iPod. Thank god for iPod touches!

  13. jennyzzz

    to have a good presentation, i would try to connect with the clients and the consumers, and have a smile and just be positive about the brand i am trying to sell.

  14. kbarden

    i would want to keep it short and simple because the more you drag it on, the more you lose your audience because they start to get bored. so you would want to make it fun and entertaining.

  15. Taylor Hamblin

    i would try to make it catchy but not too long cause then you might bore some of the people you are presenting too. making sure you explain everything fine though so it is understandable. no stuttering or missing of words. that just confuses people too.

  16. cody127

    in presenting this project i have helped with the powerpoint design and the box itself i did the back of the box. I put the food pyramid on the back because i figured it would be fun to look at while eating cereal.

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