May 14

Why we rock…

Today’s the day!  You put on your “power” suit and you have to admit…you look great!  Even Lily noticed when you walked in to work today.  Chip stopped by to make sure you were ready.  “Don’t let us down, kid,” he said.  What a vote of confidence, huh?  You’ve worked hard and you’re pretty confident that you’ve got a great design for the Wacky Wheat execs (parent company of Great Grains).  You take the last sip of your Carmel Macchiato and grab your design, specs and report.  You couldn’t be more ready.  Describe why you feel that your design is great.

This post is due Tuesday 5/18!

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18 thoughts on “Why we rock…

  1. urbs

    My design is great because it is eye-catching and innovative. No one has ever thought of a cereal box like this before. I have confidence in my design.

  2. Abby

    i feel that our design is great becasue its diffrent and fun. it also has some awesome infromation on the box. also kids will love and and so will moms.

  3. bobby17

    i think my design is great because it just is. is this really a serious question ms. jenkins? our cereal is great because of the fun sized box.

  4. jhanetho

    our design for hexos is great cuz it is very unique and has a target audience of everyone. also the cereal tastes great so you should buy it

  5. angel125

    i thought that our box was individual and creative. I havent seen a box that was in a shape of a pyramid before. I thought that the information about our cereal on the box was a good idea and the price of the box was fairly cheap.

  6. jennyzzz

    my group and i’s design is great because its a unique shaped box that no ones ever seen before, and it should grab the clients attention.

  7. taral777

    Tara & Jessica’s answers:

    We feel our design is great because we have a lot of eye-catching things on there. The kids will love them because we know we did when we were little. And the parents will see that the kids enjoy it so theyd have to buy it. Also, its healthy so kids can have strong bones when they grow up. The cereal turns different colors, so that would be eye catching also. Its all about the look, and we have a good one.

  8. ljenkinsdistrict158org (Post author)

    Yes, Bobby, this is a serious question…sassifrass :-).

  9. kbarden

    i think my design is great because it has a different type of box so that will catch the buyers attention and it will have bright colors to make it even more noticeable

  10. megs16

    I think our design is great becuase it has the traditional box but with a suprise twist !! i think it keeps the familarty there, but also makes you want to find out whats inside ! and it gives you two flavors. it suports heatlhyness and is something kids will lvoe !

  11. eddiev

    I think our design is great becaue the box is a square pyramid which is pretty cool.
    The cereal also turns different colors and that can appeal to all kinds of people because that is unique.

  12. mandako

    i think our design is great because it is unique. i dont think anyone else came up with a house shape

  13. miguelv1

    I think that our design is great because it has a spin on it. like instead of a cubed box we have like two triangles makes the cube.

  14. Taylor Hamblin

    i feel that it is great because it is something my partners & i like. if i think that it is a great idea, someone else might as well think it too. having two diff flavors is a great idea & i know i would for sure buy it.

  15. sammyg13

    Shoot! Forgot to blog :/

    Okay, here it is:

    -I believe that our design is great because it’s unique and carefully processed by profilers who know what kids like to see to get them to beg their parents for the cereal. We offer tasty colored marshmallows along with a free toy and unique box design which is fun while using and even better to play with when the cereal is done!

  16. ttbug227

    Our design was fantastic and unique! The audience seemed pleased and enjoyed the presentation. I think it will be a success!

  17. cody127

    i feel that my design is the best because it is a pyramid and nobody would probably ever expect a pyramid shaped box as a cereal box. well… at least i know i wouldnt.

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