May 19

Corporate Policy

360 review time!  Your boss read a new book on how to improve advertising presentations called Get It Right, Everytime!  As a result, each employee has to look at their presentation from every angle and write their own evaluation.  He wants you to consider design appeal, cost and presentation skills.  While you’re sure you gave it your all, you’ll have to put some real thought into your 360 review.  Post your 360 review here. 

This final Blog post is due 5/21!

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Laura Jenkins is a wife, mother, and math teacher for a high school in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. This blog may contain her deep insights or shallow thoughts--which are often indistinguishable. It may, however, pose interesting questions for, you, a reader who stumbled upon this blog. Either are welcome.

12 thoughts on “Corporate Policy

  1. eddiev

    I think our presentation was good, but there is always room for improvement. I think if we were able to make the cereal box without spending as much money as we did, it would have been better because more money would be made. Other than that I thought we did good because I thought it was unique to have a cereal box in the shape of a pyramid.

  2. jsengchanh

    I thought my group did well on our presentation. We weren’t boring and we had different colors on to make it fun. We also had a visual box so people can see our design and see the shape. The cost was cheap for the box alone. I felt that we had good speaking skills.

  3. urbs

    My group presented with a fiery spirit. Everyone participated in the presentation and had fun with it. I think our design was appealing to the class and they enjoyed learning about our product. I also thought our cereal was affordable to almost all consumers. I think more should have been said about the cost of cereal- and that goes for all groups.


  4. taral777

    Nevermind, i think i do. Some things that might be rough is our box. The grip isnt bad on it if you have big hands. But if you have small hands, like the children we are might be hard to put into a bowl. I think I’m on the right track…right? I dont know.

  5. sammyg13

    I think our group presented fairly well. The audience was well involved with our presentation, and I’m sure that they enjoyed our free product sample. The design was proven to be appealing to the class and hopefully our future customers as well. Our cereal is affordable and has a fun look and feel to it and is sturdy and reliable too. Cereal could be a little frustrating to come out of the chimney while pouring, needing a recall for box design.

  6. ttbug227

    I agree with Eddie, I thought that our presentation was pretty good but we could have done certain things better or done some things more uniquely. Our box could have been done more neatly, our design could have been more original/ unique, and our presentation could have been rehearsed more prior to our presentation. Overall, I think our project was a success.

  7. Abby

    i think our group did good. it probably would have been better if we had the actual box. also we could have talked about our competitors more.

  8. cody127

    i feel that our presentation was lousy and could use a lot of touch ups like summarizing off of each powerpoint slide in detail instead of reading off of it word for word. I also think that our whole team should have participated in the making of this project but sadly that did not/could not happen.

  9. angel125

    I think that our idea and our presentation was very informative and i thought we gave a good desciption on why we had chosen our design and how we got our price for the box. I think that even though our group did very well we could have done a better job with describing the box and how we found the “specs”

  10. miguelv1

    i think our presentation is good, because i thought adding a twist to a box would bring more attention to our target audience. i also think that our group was the best because it was a pretty reasonable price.

  11. Taylor Hamblin

    i did this already & i guess it didn’t show up ! ughhhh. but uhm i think our presentation went well because we all chipped in to present & knew what we were talking about. people seemed to be interested in out design & i think it will turn out grrrreat (:

  12. megs16

    I think that our gruop did great becuase we really thought about the design. i think our box was interesting, and i thought that we had good statistics and reasons for why our box was the best.

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