November 11

Welcome to Mrs. J’s Blog! Register Today & Win

If you, beloved geometry student, register for the blog by next Friday November 19th and leave one friendly post stating one new fact or application you’ve learned in Geometry THIS  year.  It MUST be unique from anyone elses or you will not be entered to win.  What’s the prize?  Your choice $5 iTunes gift card or $5 Starbucks gift card.  Good luck!

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About the Author

Laura Jenkins is a wife, mother, and math teacher for a high school in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. This blog may contain her deep insights or shallow thoughts--which are often indistinguishable. It may, however, pose interesting questions for, you, a reader who stumbled upon this blog. Either are welcome.

10 thoughts on “Welcome to Mrs. J’s Blog! Register Today & Win

  1. gabbyyoung

    I have learned how to prove certain shapes, and i learned what supplementary and complementary angles are (:

  2. gmoneyy

    I think that all the people who signed up for the blog should get one free homework pass….. 😉
    Good idea, huh?

  3. iknowyourmother

    Even though it is wayyy past the date that we were suppose to do this I’ma still put this here because I can and it is free…. Plus I have nothing better to do besides homework. I learned how to relate geometry to real life and annoy other people by proving them wrong with it. THANKS MRS. JENKINS YOU R0CI<!!!!!(That says rock)~~~

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