May 3

Chip Stops By

You and Lily were chatting over last week’s episode of LOST when Lily gives you the eye that lets you know someone is behind you.  It’s Chip.  He is smiling like he just caught you up to no good.  With Hagen-Jenkins mug in hand he asks, “So, how are things coming along?”  He wants to know exactly where you are with the Great Grains gig.  You respond…

EACH member of your group should respond to this prompt.  Have you come up with an ad campaign?  Does the design reflect that?  Is it practical?  Use this week to answer some of these questions and post them ON Friday.

April 23

Money Makes the World Go Round

You’re feverishly working and think you’ve come up with something seriously fresh!  “Funky design,” said Lily.  “That’s gonna cost a fortune to make AND it will never fit on the shelf.  Are your clients up for that?”

 “Cost!  Of course!” you think to yourself.  Money makes the world go round.  It is pretty much everyone’s bottom line. Isn’t it?  How will you consider cost as you choose your design?  What other limitations might you not have considered?

(Aside: Geometry students please click here: to see the rubric for this project).  Print it!

Please post ONE UNIQUE response.  Posts are due next TUESDAY, April 27th!

April 20

Caught Daydreaming

You start to think about the dimensions.  What shape will you use?  After all, they are looking for something “fresh.”  What other factors might the client and Chip think are important?   You start daydreaming that the clients just loved you…you’re a genius!  In your dream, Chip instantly gives you a promotion while carrying your around on his shoulders!  The rest of the office begins chanting your name. 

 Lily interrupts and pops her head in and says, “Almost time for lunch, do you want to come and get a bagel?”  You think, “Yeah!  Why not a bagel shape?”  This reminds you that you need a container for cereal before you win employee of the month.  What creative options might you consider?

List ONE UNIQUE option!  This post is due Friday 4/23 for 5 points!

April 15

2nd Post: Thank Goodness for Lily!

You talk to Lily, the red headed girl in the cubicle next to yours.  She leans over and whispers that “specs” means that your boss, Chip, is looking for the dimensions of the box, how much material you will need to create one unit, and then 1000 units, and the design.  You fill your cup with a Mocha Cappuccino from Starbucks (spending 1/5 of your first hour’s pay), grab a pencil and think to yourself, “Where do I begin?”  Where DO you begin?

Post your response to that question.  Choose ONE item to tackle first.  Do NOT use an answer that was previously stated.  This post is due Tuesday 4/20.  Also, read through the information from your president and CEO below.

Click here for more information on your assignment:

April 9

First Assignment:

You just started a new job at the hip new ad firm Hagen-Jenkins in the city. You are eager to impress them with your innovative designs. Your first assignment is to design the packaging for a fiber rich cereal, “Great Grains”. The package must contain 600 cu centimeters of cereal. The client is looking for something new and unique in the design. Chip, your new boss, thinks you’re up for the task. Holding his Hagen-Jenkins coffee cup in hand, he says, “Have the specs to me by Friday.” You think “specs”…what are those? What do you think Chip meant by “specs?”  Every student in class must post a response with one unique idea by Thursday, April 15th before 5th period.