July 2

Roller Coasters, Summer Break and Other Thoughts…

My baby girl and our dog Rylee just outside our newly planted pumpkin patch.

My baby girl and our dog Rylee just outside our newly planted pumpkin patch.

The Blue Line

The Blue Line

The school year is like one big roller coaster that starts in August and stops somewhere in early June.  Though I absolutely love my job, I find that I have energy highs and lows throughout the year.  I stepped off the 2010-2011 roller coaster in June at the lowest point…weary and (like when I ride actual and not metaphorical roller coasters) a bit dizzy and disoriented.  I had wonderful classes and enjoyed the additional responsibility of the Math Team.  I just felt like I gave it my absolute all and here I am in June…collapsed in a heap.

That being said, it is summer break and my primary goal is to rejuvenate:  rest, relax, reset and other words that start with “re.”  It is (at least this is what I told my two beautiful children) a “No Project Summer.”  We are not going to “re do” anything–at least I’m not.  I say this as my husband is wrapping my son’s bedroom with a big thick stripe of navy blue paint.  They have ordered and are anticipating an Air Jordan vinyl insignia to add to the room’s decor.  Not me…no, I planted pumpkins today and did a tiny bit of weeding (and I do mean tiny).  Later I hope to finish a chapter in the Hunger Games (a book…reading would be unheard of during the school year–a luxury I just can’t afford).

With that being said, I’d like to say…I hope you are also allowing this summer to be what it is intended to be…a vacation.

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