April 15

2nd Post: Thank Goodness for Lily!

You talk to Lily, the red headed girl in the cubicle next to yours.  She leans over and whispers that “specs” means that your boss, Chip, is looking for the dimensions of the box, how much material you will need to create one unit, and then 1000 units, and the design.  You fill your cup with a Mocha Cappuccino from Starbucks (spending 1/5 of your first hour’s pay), grab a pencil and think to yourself, “Where do I begin?”  Where DO you begin?

Post your response to that question.  Choose ONE item to tackle first.  Do NOT use an answer that was previously stated.  This post is due Tuesday 4/20.  Also, read through the information from your president and CEO below.

Click here for more information on your assignment:  http://www.district158.org/ljenkins/Grad%20Project/More%20info%20on%20your%20ad%20gig.htm

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19 thoughts on “2nd Post: Thank Goodness for Lily!

  1. urbs

    First, I would start by making a prototype of the cereal box. I would consider surface area/volume when doing so. Afterwards, I would start sketching possible designs for the box.


  2. ttbug227

    I would start to do the sketches for the cereal box. At the same time I would consider what surface area and volume would be best suited for this particular cereal. In addition, I would do some research on the size, shape, etc. of other companies cereal boxes in order to get a good idea of what the consumer likes and/ or wants to buy. I would also get a few cereal boxes from other companies that have a number of different “target audiences/consumers” to see what type of designs appeal to them.

    ~Taylor Jacobs~

  3. bobby17

    I would start by collecting the materials i need and then i would figure out the dimensions for the box.

  4. angel125

    I would start of with a competitors cereal box and ask the consumers what they think is good and bad about the design of the box. From that research, I would figure out what the consumer wants in a cereal box and move on make a sketch of what they told me to do.

  5. ljenkinsdistrict158org (Post author)

    Angelica…I think that’s a great idea! That’s definitely what people who earn a paycheck by selling Great Grains would like to know: How do I get more people to buy this cereal?!?

  6. abbyspoeth

    i would start by sketch different designs and ask people what they think of them. then i would narrow it down to two diffrent designs and have everyday people vote on the two.


  7. jennyzzz

    i would first start out by drawing out the disign i need so i can figure out how much of the materials i need to use for it.

  8. miguelv1

    I would start by see what kind of design would interest the consumer and then see what they would like in the box

  9. benasj

    First I would find for what age group this cereal box is needed.If it is for adults the design will be different maybe even the dimensions than for kids. I would sketch my ideas and calculate the dimensions, then find out what material I need for it, the design will be different because kids will look for the cartoon type of cereal and the adults will probably look for healthy ones.

  10. jsengchanh

    I would research what different kinds of designs draws the attentions of the different aged consumers and then i would make a blue print of the design. I would also consider the measurements in the final design.

  11. kbarden

    i would start by figuring out what is the circumfirence of the cup so i could cut out enough materials.

  12. eddiev

    I would research a lot of different materials and figure out which ones would be best for the cereal box. Then I would use a program on a computer to help me develop a blueprint and to help me figure out dimensions.

  13. taral777

    I would start off by thinking outside of the box. Literally, being creative and eye catchy on the box. People think its not a big deal but what catches the eye is what people are, obviously, going to see and look even further. Then, i would focus on what goes inside. Something that people would like to enjoy.

  14. megs16

    First i would consider size, and shape, using of course basic formuals, then start thinking about how to apeal to my customer. Is the ceral for adults? children? if so, how will i make the consumers want to buy this product. I will have to think about what i will need, and how much of it, making sure that i have an extra amount in case of mistakes.

  15. cody127

    I think u should begin by laying out a design for your box having all of the demensions in it and how much units it can hold.

  16. Taylor Hamblin

    sorry this is late… i was absent. not an excuse but just saying (:

    but i would start by measuring out a good size for a box and finding the area of it and making an example out of paper (:

  17. toddm

    i would make an online blog about what people wanted in a cereal box then draw the design keeping surface area and volume in mind.

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