April 23

Money Makes the World Go Round

You’re feverishly working and think you’ve come up with something seriously fresh!  “Funky design,” said Lily.  “That’s gonna cost a fortune to make AND it will never fit on the shelf.  Are your clients up for that?”

 “Cost!  Of course!” you think to yourself.  Money makes the world go round.  It is pretty much everyone’s bottom line. Isn’t it?  How will you consider cost as you choose your design?  What other limitations might you not have considered?

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19 thoughts on “Money Makes the World Go Round

  1. angel125

    I think other limitations might be the cost of labor and the material that we would be using.

  2. jsengchanh

    I would consider the costs in the amount of the material needed to make the box. The box just has to look apealing with colors, the real buy is in the taste and amount of the cereal. Also maybe adding one of those special prizes in the box to get kids to want to buy the cereal which will also cost a little more to make. If the box won’t fit on the shelf then the stores can stack them in a pyramid. The cost won’t be to high at first but if the products sell great then it will go up. Other limitations would just be the amount of materials we would use, we would have to see how it sells first so we dont over make the product and lose money.

  3. urbs

    I mentioned the cost of manufacturing in my last post, so I will talk about limitations.

    One money limitation includes the cost of prouction. For example, making your cereal box the shape of a star would probably take more time opposed to producing a rectangle shaped box. More time spent making the product means more money spent. Another money limitation includes the cost of design. If the design is very colorful, it will use up a great amount of ink, which is expensive. The design might need to be adjusted if their is too much color.


  4. bobby17

    There are many limitations that i may not have considered. After all i do agree that money makes the world go round. So if u want to make a unique design it could cost alot of money. The size, shape, and color of the box are big factors to consider. Thats what i think about the limitations for the box.

  5. eddiev

    I wouldn’t worry that much about how expensive the box is or something like that. To get the best product made then a good amount of money has to be spent to make the product stand out. Limitations would include the cost of material and labor, but for the product to be good, money has to be spent.

  6. toddm

    hmm…well when talking about cost efficiency, the simpler and less attractive design seems to be the best choice. but were looking for a “snazzy” look here. so in my opinion we will need to sacrafice some money during production to hopefully make up for it, and possible make more cash, when we decide to put it on the shelves for customers to purchase. other limitations could be the material used to make the box, colors used, and overall size.

  7. miguelv1

    Some limitations is how much the material would cost and what is necessary for the box, like a price or toy.

  8. ttbug227

    I think that some of the limitations for the cereal box would be the cost of labor and the cost of the material needed to manufacture the box. Even though I think that the design and “fresh” look of the box are important, I think that the taste and quality of the cereal itself is the most important. If at first the consumer buys the cereal because it’s different then that’s good, but if the cereal doesn’t taste any good then they won’t buy it again. Personally I would focus on making the best tasting cereal first and then the box. In addition, I think it would be cool to put in a prize of sorts in each box…it could be a toy for kids, a cardio/stopwatch/calorie counter/etc. for adults looking to watch their health and diet…long story short…the prize all depends on the target market you are trying to reach. I don’t think that there should be any set limitations becasue I a money makes the world go around.

    ~Taylor Jacobs~

  9. kbarden

    i think the limitation you would need to consider is the cost of the material you use and where you get it from, because it could be cheaper at other stores.

  10. taral777

    I think the cost and taste are the most important part of the product. The cost because of the economy right now, and the taste because cereal is starting to get boring now a days. Its the same old stuff.. all chocolate cereal tastes the same. But if you make the taste great and cost low, the money in the pocket will sky rocket……..yeah, im a poet.

  11. jennyzzz

    i would make a list of all the materials i would need and add up a total of the amount. also i might need to hire someone to draw out a logo and/or a something that represents the cereal like a character or something, so that would also cost me too. i wouldnt set limitations because i would want my product to be the best out there.

  12. cody127

    I think that money will be a big factor in making this design possible because of the shelf size and all that was mentioned. I also think that size and artwork on the box will be a factor as well because you should create something that’s eye catching to the consumer.

    – Cody Cramer

  13. Abby

    i would consider the cost of the materials used and then i would find a logo that someone might be able to draw for me so i would have to pay them.

  14. Taylor Hamblin

    i would only worry about the cost for the size of the box. since the box will be small the cost will go down. with the color & design you do not want to much or it will not look good on the shelf. so a limitation of 3 colors would work best and it wont cost as much. i dont think cost will be such a big deal in this project.

  15. benasj

    First it all depends on how much money you are willing to spend. after that you can consider the limitations: labor, material, design…

  16. mandako

    limitations in cost would be the type of materials that you need to buy and the cost of production for the product.

  17. sammyg13

    I would limit the types of materials that I use, keeping the production of the box and design inexpensive, leaving more money left over to spend on things more important in order to promote the cereal/new box.

  18. ljenkinsdistrict158org (Post author)


    Some would say there is nothing more important than good marketing.

    Mrs. J

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