May 10

How to hit the target (and other thoughts)

“Perfect!” you say to yourself.  Your container will hold all the Great Grains and look snazzy at the same time and you were worried (you chuckle to yourself).  It’s fresh AND cost effective.  Now you’ve got to consider design and logo.  What software might you use to come up with a nice looking logo?  Remember what they taught you in ad school…it’s all about your audience!  Who IS your target audience?  Does your design interesting to that type of that demographic (people of that age, race, sex)? Answer these questions in today’s blog.  

This blog is due Tuesday 5/11!

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Laura Jenkins is a wife, mother, and math teacher for a high school in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. This blog may contain her deep insights or shallow thoughts--which are often indistinguishable. It may, however, pose interesting questions for, you, a reader who stumbled upon this blog. Either are welcome.

15 thoughts on “How to hit the target (and other thoughts)

  1. jhanetho

    i would want to focus more on younger kids but even adults eat cereal

    yes hexos has a unique idea

  2. bobby17

    For the logo of my groups cereal box we will probably use wordart or paint software to design the logo. As for the audience, i think we should target either children because of the fun shaped box or adults because of the 6 grams of multivitamins.

  3. ttbug227

    Our target audience is specifically aimed at people who are aiming for a healthier lifestyle or to loose weight. Typically, this is people ranging anywhere from 30-70 so we have a wide variety to choose from. I think we should use a box design that is crisp, clean, and neat, yet still eye catching and appealing to the eye…something that seems like it would be appetizing and make you want to eat whatever is inside…yet still very original and unique! We would most likely use a printing company and designer to help us with our box design and get their input because after all it is what they do for a living!

    ~Taylor Jacobs~

  4. urbs

    I answered this question in my last blog. My group’s target audience should be infants/toddlers. Our cereal could teach infants their shapes and add a little fun to the process. Parents would love our product and think of it as a great teaching tool.

  5. Taylor Hamblin

    our cereal would target younger kinds because younger kids usually eat cereal more often. i think our logo could be something with triangles or shapes. something close to that. not sure exactly yet though.

  6. eddiev

    For the logo we would use wordart to make it stand out.
    Our target audience would be little kids under the age of 10 because little kids usually have to bug their parents to get what they want and that would force parents to get the cereal.

  7. miguelv1

    Our cereal would mainly target kids because it is what little kids mainly eat, breakfast, lunch, dinner cereal, done! I’m pretty sure our logo would be like a cool animal like a liger, because little kids like those things, like Toucan Sam(Fruity Loops).

  8. angel125

    Our target audience is fpr the person looking for a healthier lifestyle or to loose weight. The ages that we are targeting is around late 20’s and up. We would have something that is professional yet fun. Bright colors so that it can stand, but nothing to childish. I think that we would make up an idea on Word Art or on some other program and then bring it to a printing company and see what they think about it.

  9. taral777

    We would put ours on lower shelves and make a special toy inside of every box. and put it at the bottom so they have to actually finish the box to get the toy. We would be targeting children under ten but parents might also want to eat it….i would.

    oh yeah, we are making our box design eye catching also.

  10. benasj

    Since our group is targeting young children, i think the design should be colorful but have some certain figure or character that the kids would remember well so that when they walk past it w/ their parents it would catch their eye.

  11. Abby

    we are targeting familys with children. we should have fun colors and facts. also we should have a cartoon or something for the kids to remember

  12. jsengchanh

    our group is targeting children. Other ages can apply to this to because our cereal is going to have a variety of flavors. Our box will be placed on eye level of children so they can easily get it and beg their parents for it. the cereal also comes with a special toy which will also make the kids want it more.

  13. sammyg13

    Our poster would be colorful so it sticks out from all the other cereal boxes. Perhaps, we could include a character to emphasize that our target audience is children. The poster will be created with Photoshop

  14. kbarden

    i think i would focus more on the younger kids because they are easy to persuade and when kids like something they want it over and over again.

  15. cody127

    alright so our target audience is supposed to be between the ages of like 25 and 75 and our cereal is mainly for the people in those ranges who want to maintain or lose weight. we want to make sure that our box is very appealing to our customers yet offers a variety for them to choose from so that they wont have to get bored of the same flavor.

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